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The other day I overheard an elderly gentleman yelling at a few teenagers that the music they were listening to in their car was too loud and “didn’t qualify as music…. It’s like your damn robots.”  They laughed and proceeded down the street.  Later that afternoon I saw this and about died!  #irony

This surreal and stunning #teaser for the #spanish #book "Pincel de Zorro" written by Sergio A. Sierra is a visual treat. Meritxell Ribas Puigmal is the illustrator and #grattage #artist. Grattage involves scrapping off the paint from the canvas. The music was composed by Albert Alay and the #animation was composited by Hug Codinach. I truly hope this becomes either an animated short or full production. It might have to be toned down a bit to be a feature. I truly hope that the creators use kickstarter.com or another private investment to help fund a larger project. Job well done!

Please forward or comment to show your appreciation for this group of creative individuals. Who wants to see more? Who would pay to download a short or feature of this from iTunes?

Also, here is the Spanish version: Pincel de Zorro HD Trailer (Spanish Version)

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