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This surreal and stunning #teaser for the #spanish #book "Pincel de Zorro" written by Sergio A. Sierra is a visual treat. Meritxell Ribas Puigmal is the illustrator and #grattage #artist. Grattage involves scrapping off the paint from the canvas. The music was composed by Albert Alay and the #animation was composited by Hug Codinach. I truly hope this becomes either an animated short or full production. It might have to be toned down a bit to be a feature. I truly hope that the creators use kickstarter.com or another private investment to help fund a larger project. Job well done!

Please forward or comment to show your appreciation for this group of creative individuals. Who wants to see more? Who would pay to download a short or feature of this from iTunes?

Also, here is the Spanish version: Pincel de Zorro HD Trailer (Spanish Version)

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