eBay in London for the Holidays

eBay in London on Dec. 1, 2011 – Anyone going to be in London to check it out?

eBay to open brick-n-mortar shop in London for this holiday season only (5 days only). They are using QR codes in the store and no items will be able to be purchased in store. This seems to be a great way to receive media hype:

and also, drive traffic during the busiest retail time of the year. This could be the start of a trend for online retailers. Should they (and other online only retailers) consider all major cities during the holiday season? The ROI is trackable via the QR codes, and the overhead for 5 days even in a prime location might be worth it.

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eBay to open its first UK shop – Telegraph
eBay, the online shop, is to open its first UK shop, in the latest sign that
internet retailers are moving onto the high street.

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