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per”>+Linda Lawrey nice share. Sprint is learning from AT&T and Verizon.

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"Under the new rule, Sprint’s formerly unlimited mobile hotspot feature will remain the same price at $29.99 per month, but will allot only 5GB of data. Once that amount is used, customers will be charged $0.05 per megabyte. Sprint notes that tablets acting as hotspots are exempt from the data limit.The plan goes into effect October 2 for new customers.

In the document, Sprint notes that existing customers will be notified via bill messages or postcards “being sent in October and November” that they will be forcibly migrated to the new plan, effective on the first day of the next bill cycle after they receive their notice. "

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Sprint customers new and old get hotspot data cap of 5GB
Sprint will start capping data used via mobile hotspot to 5GB starting next month, and even existing customers won't be able to grandfather their unlimited plans in.

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