Thoughts on upgrading to the iPhone4S

I recommend the upgrade to anyone who does not have an iPhone4.

I recommend the iPhone3GS to first time smart phone owners / non-tech savvy.

This is a great opportunity to get someone a great "starter" smart phone or for someone less tech savvy. The 3GS is FREE (with contract). My mom is going to appreciate this just for getting pictures of her grandkids, etc. No retinal on the 3GS, but you still have camera/video (480p). Not bad for … FREE. AT&T only for the 3GS though. The marketing move behind this Apple … AWESOME

Lastly, the design of the new iPhone page on apple… very clean and well thought out. The product display shots in the POV rotators are on point.

iconography and Siri look great. How they will function… to be determined. Overall job well done.

The only thing I would have changed is calling this the iPhone5 (instead of iPhone4S) and working on the physical design. There could have been improvements due to my recent mishaps with glass breaking (both front and back).

NOTE: I do not use a case, and have two little kids… so this one is on me, not Apple.

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