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Life is crazy, but one constant is CHANGE

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The speed of light is said to be a constant, but I always wondered: Why does it have the value that it does? Who or what assigned it that specific value? Maybe it only seems like a constant. Sort of like how the horizon seems flat but when you zoom out it is actually curved. Maybe the speed of light is dynamic and varies slightly. Maybe the scientists at CERN have finally been able to build equipment large enough and precise enough to measure the "curve" in the speed of light. Or… maybe their atomic clocks are messed up. Who knows!

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Roll Over Einstein: Law of Physics Challenged – ABC News
Roll Over Einstein: Law of Physics Challenged

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  1. Igor Plaksiy
    Igor Plaksiy says:

    Agreed. Our understanding of physics and the universe is directly influenced by the massive black hole at the center of our galaxy. Outside of our galaxy, which we've never left, light could possibly travel 1,000,000 times faster.


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