Prometheus Training Center

Project Prometheus Training Center

The Project Prometheus Training Center is a combination of challenging games and well-executed, thought-provoking interactions. Using HTML5 Ignition Interactive, delivers an engaging and competitive, leader board scoring and ranking system for this site. This well designed interactive site has well written videos and interaction that compliment the movie and build an intriguing destination for the casual browser and the Prometheus fan.


HTML5 is finally getting to the stage where strong interactive design can be implemented for more engaging experiences.  There are 5 different skill tests ranging from hand-eye coordination to thought provoking puzzles.  All of the users scores are added up and ranked against other users.  I suggest logging in as a guest and giving the Prometheus Training Center a spin.  It’s fun and from a development standpoint, a success.

Advertising Prometheus

From an advertising perspective it is a good investment for Internet Explorer. I do not use this browser on a daily basis, other than testing for compatibility.  It’s a good thing to see that a well thought and decently executed site can have a sponsor like Internet Explorer to help them fund the project.

Project Prometheus Training Center

Prometheus HTML5 and Internet Explorer … the future?

Does this execution foreshadow the future of interactive experiences? Internet explorer, according to the w3, is a dying browser.  In August of 2008, more than 50% of users were viewing content through Internet Explorer, which ranked it 1st among browsers.  Here is a quick snapshot of Internet Explorer’s rank as of 2012:

Browser Rankings

As you can see, Internet Explorer is now ranked 3rd behind both Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome.

Is this wise for Prometheus to use a fading browser as a sponsor?  Let me know what you think in the comments below or on my social networks.

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