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I have always been a bit annoyed by the lackluster care for #design on #YouTube.com. It has always seemed as though they were so focused about #functionality that the #aesthetics were irrelevant. On December 1st, 2011 at 4:30 p.m. EST, YouTube.com released its #redesign to everyone! The focus is now on channels and seems to be a move on cable #TV.


What do you think about the redesign of YouTube? Do you think aligning more with #Google is a good thing? I have not had a paid TV service (cable, dish, satellite, etc.) in almost 3 years, and I have to admit I am looking forward to this. Is this a play for even more of the TV market?

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YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.
Share your videos with friends, family, and the world

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The Wall Street Journal ( #WSJ ) has just surpassed #Mozilla Firefox as the number 2 most used browser. In the US, Google's browser is still number 3. I have been using #Google #Chrome and enjoy the light weight, but I still enjoy #Firefox.

Good for Google, and the future success of their browser! And to help out with the annoyances of the number 1 browser (Internet Explorer) here is a quick share that some of my followers might enjoy ( #IETester): http://www.my-debugbar.com/wiki/IETester/HomePage

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Google Chrome Surpasses Firefox
Google's Chrome browser topped Mozilla's Firefox as the No. 2 Internet browser by market share for the first time globally, closing the gap behind leader Microsoft.'s Internet Explorer.

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Monday, Google+ allowed a long requested element to their social network. #Marketers and #advertisers have been waiting to align their respective publishers and clients on the fastest growing social network. The addition of #pages will be good for advertisers and marketers, in that, now #Facebook and #Google+ will offer more features and hopefully the ability to allow for direct advertising through their networks. The Google+ users will win as well as they will be able to interact directly with their favorite brands, organizations, and bands. Love it when the consumer wins and the marketer can offer more products. #Winning

See below for a few recognizable #brands that are already setting up their presences on Google+

Do you think Google+ is too late, and the majority of #organizations will not want to focus on updating their Google+ page and their Facebook page?
Will you be setting up a Google+ Page for your business? Will larger online retailers be able to make a presence for the holidays this late in the season? Target seems to be without a page yet, and Walmart.com is stagnant. Amazon.com seems to be "winning" right now.

Let the race begin!

Also included as samples are #Lexus (Auto), #Pepsi (CPG), The #Muppets (Entertainment), and #H&M (Fashion Retail)

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